January 17 2013 :: Au Revoir!
Well, it truly has been goddamned swell! Please take a peek at our farewell letter if you are wondering why we are saying goodbye. It has been a fantastic run and everyone involved should be proud of themselves. Thank you so much. Goodnight and good luck.

November 16th 2012 :: Daydrunk In Brooklyn by DRUNKWIFE.
Our very own honeymoon couple, Drunkwife, have compiled “Daydrunk in Brooklyn,” a mix inspired by their apparent favourite pastime. Barroom brawls and slurry lovers' quarrels are served up in the form of dirty blues, sassy beats, and balls-out rock & roll. Go listen to or download the mix

October 31st 2012 :: Chop Chop! by Taperecorder
Happy Hallowe’en, friends!
As if Taperecorder hasn’t already had the most prolific year ever, here’s a collection that highlights his particular skills in the esteemed medium of remixery. From labelmates to heroes to people he doesn’t even like, the fifteen re-imaginings that make up Chop-Chop! span his career and about eighty-six different genres. Download the album
We’ll have something in two weeks to help you wash down all that candy...

October 16th 2012 :: Galactique Remix EP #3
Admittedly, we at the Galactique compound have been lazy these last few months. No more. We promise to ride out the year with a flurry of releases that will make your head spin. First, the conclusion of our trilogy of remix samplers, this time featuring TWO members of our Glasgow delegation, Telekom and GK Machine. Offerings from Drunkwife and Wolf Couture round out this thoroughly solid collection. You can download the third remix EP by clicking
Oh, and be sure to come back on Hallowe’en - we’ve got something delicious queued up.

September 11th 2012 :: DJ Mix Time!
!With Indian summer settling nicely over our Brooklyn/Montreal homes, this month we're offering "Come On Now!", courtesy of Marc Francis (a.k.a. Taperecorder.) 36 minutes of 60s-flavoured gems designed to make you twist 'n' turn.

August 14th 2012 :: Flesh & Blood & 909!
Hiya friends! After being very Québec and taking a vacation in July, we're back in full force this month with a DJ mix from the Glaswegian branch of our Galactique family tree, GK Machine. It's a bouncy, old-school, all-vinyl affair, which is precisely how we like our end-of-summer dance parties.

June 14th 2012 :: IFF Live At Soundwave!
June sees the resurfacing of a lost I.F.F. gem. The Intergalactic Faerie Funk appeared live for the very last time in July of 2007, at the legendary Soundwave festival on Vancouver Island. They were playing their usual diatonic tonal, thickly textured, downright rowdy style of house music they had become known for. An intrepid soundman captured the entire set directly off the soundboard, and after some minor refurbishing by Marc Francis Hug, it is offered to you here today. Previously unseen artwork by Andy Kehoe, too. Go get it .

May 16th 2012 :: Even In Our Tiny Moments by Taperecorder!
Taperecorder’s Even In Our Tiny Moments is the product of a blustery winter Marc Francis spent tucked away in Montréal. A mini-symphony of sorts, its dense tapestry of rhythm and sound swaddles stories of abandoned aeroports, frozen canals, and snowbound nights in. Vocal appearances by James Apollo and Fair Lion’s Victoria Tresko complete this beautifully-developed new dimension to his musical aptitude. Get the EP for free .

April 13rd 2012 :: New EP from Taperecorder!
The "Philadelphia Collins" EP saw its genesis in a few remix efforts that went a little too far. Being the musical tinker that he is, Taperecorder deconstructed and rebuilt the source material to the point where the results had transcended the context of “remix”. Indeed, each track on this EP is its own animal; entirely new songs informed, but not defined, by their original identities. You can listen to and/or download the EP for free . Be sure to also check out the video in the link below!

April 3rd 2012 :: New track and video from Taperecorder!
"Seen Straight" began life as a remix of The Death Set's "Can You See Straight", but very quickly took off on its own trajectory. Featuring a vocal appearance from Fair Lion's Victoria Tresko. Marc Francis also put together this visual accompaniment to the song, a love letter to his beloved Brooklyn.
March 15th 2012 :: Cabinet by Taperecorder!!
It's cause for celebration when a track emerges from seven years of musical purgatory, so the release of Taperecorder's "Cabinet" merits two singles instead of just one. The two parts are decidedly, delightfully divergent, pitting bouncy sass against organic grooves. Friends stop by in the form of long-buried collaborations with Tim "Love" Lee and [Blank], and new remixes from Lewis Bergen and Drunkwife.
cabinet #1
cabinet #2
cabinet video (by dan meth)

February 29th 2012 :: Happy Leap Day!!
A special treat from Taperecorder, in honour of this Leap Day! The Sled! single is a bouncy, mischievous dancer, buttressed by a Wolf Couture vs. DJ Teenwolf remix that is so perfect, two of Kevin Ross’ alter egos were required to make it happen. Get the February 14th 2012 :: Be Our Valentine!!February brings something from Taperecorder, because it’s Valentine’s Day and our man Marc Francis is as much a lover as he is a fighter...
In the near-year since their release, tracks from The Devil is a Busy Man album have fallen into the hungry hands of various members of our immediate and extended Galactique family. Now, we present to you The Devil May Care: nine remixes and re-imaginations, compiled to offer an alternate-universe take on this utterly amazing record. We can’t believe what each of these artists have done with the songs, and we’re so incredibly proud to be sharing them with all y’all. Goddamn, we have some talented friends! Get the

January 15th 2012 :: Happy New Year!!
Fair Lion is Victoria Tresko, a brilliant young lady who crafts brilliantly melodic, moody, electro-textured pop. We saw her play a show last autumn, and now she has presented us with Galactique's first release of 2012, the Carry On EP. It's a gorgeous, promising set of songs, and we're eager as fuck to watch this gal's musical trajectory unfurl. download

December 15th 2011 :: Live Taperecorder!!!
With ten days to go before Santa Claus' birthday, we are pleased as punch to present a live EP from Taperecorder. Culled from recordings made on his 2010 and 2011 tours, Live and Legless is a unique capture of this relentless motherfucker translating his unparalleled sounds to the stage. Full of improvs, fuck-ups, and magic moments. Download
And that's 2011! It has been quite the year for this little Galactique family of ours. Thanks for traversing it with us, and look for exciting new directions in 2012!

December 6th 2011 :: St Nicholas Day!!
We at Galactique are big fans of Christmas. So, in honour of St. Nicholas Day (because we're multicultural like that,) the uber-prolific Teenwolf has put together a holiday album under his hilarious WOLF COUTURE alias, especially for us! Ten swagtastically festive tracks of which Sinterklaas would be proud. Put some soy nog in that rum and toast with all of us to the sounds of
In other seasonal news, our December 15th release is a long-awaited live offering from Taperecorder. Obviously, come back for that. But the giving doesn't stop there! Our UK and Icelandic pals can enjoy the gift of Taperecorder in their very own backyard, as he has just set off on a short holiday tour. Glimpse the dates

November 15th 2011 :: Muchos Remixos
It's DJ Teenwolf month at Galactique! Hot on the heels of his catchy-as-fuck neo-protest Occupy Wall Street single, the amazing Kevin Ross (late of Ninjasonik; also Wolf Couture and half of Cosmo Memory) presents MUCHOS REMIXOS: nine clurrrrb-perfect remixes to make you want to stuff your face with substances and dance like one of those four year-olds on YouTube. Oh, Teenwolf... once again showing us all why he's the truth of the truth. Download the mini-album

November 1st 2011 :: Occupy Wall Street
Ex-Ninjasonik songwriter DJ Teenwolf sent us a song he had written for Occupy Wall Street yesterday. After listening to it we decided that we needed to release it immediately. Taperecorder was called about doing a remix for the b-side, artwork was made, and here it is. A celebration for the worldwide occupations! Listen to and download the single

October (15th) 2011 :: Galactique Remix EP#2
Hello all! On this here October 15th (well, a day early because it's a friday and we were all done and figured why not enjoy it on this stormy rainy Brooklyn afternoon) release day - we are proud to present the second part of the Galactique Remix EP Trilogy. Another 4 song EP of remixes done by and for our lovely little Galactique family. This set ranges from good old rock 'n' roll to acid house pop to tripped out sci-fi. You can download this second part by clicking

September (15th) 2011 :: Galactique Remix EP#1
Happy Autumn! We've reverted to the 15th-of-the-month scheme to ride out 2011 (and possibly beyond, who knows?) but our September release is well worth the wait. We've assembled a quartet of remixes done by and for our Galactique family, and they range from dancey to dirty to delirious to downright sinister.

August 2011 :: Cosmo Memory!
We are thrilled to be bringing you the follow up Cosmo Memory release on this fine August morning! DJ Teenwolf (Wolf Couture/Ninjasonik) and Pierce Lightning (Ghost Mall) have brought us another six lovely pop songs for summertime listening! you can take a listen or download it for free by

July 2011 :: New Galactique Member!
We are thrilled to welcome Leon Louder to the Galactique family! Well-known in the Montreal dance music community, his arrival adds a wonderful new dimension to our team. Leon's inaugural Galactique release, "I Keep On Moving", is a fascinating exploration of atmospheric sound, incorporating ambient elements and subtle, undulating beats. Positively spellbinding, and definitely unlike anything we've ever put out.

June 2011 :: New Abulafia Album!
Happy summer to you! Old time Galactique member Abulafia has returned with an amazing and beautiful new album for us. we are super excited to release another album by this mysterious fellow. you can listen and download the album  

May 2011 :: New Taperecorder Album!
May is here and so is the follow up to Taperecorders 'Just Ramble & Think of Ghosts'!!! it is called THE DEVIL IS A BUSY MAN and we are so excited about this beautiful and rowdy next step in the evolution of Taperecorder. Go have a listen and pay what you want for the digital download by It is also available on CD! Check him out on his European tour when he comes your way!
April 2011 :: Tumbleweed Mixtape Vol 3
!In the build-up to his long-delayed sophomore full-length, April brings us a mix from the man behind Taperecorder, here sporting his DJ moniker of Marc Hug. The third installment of the Tumbleweed series starts off decidedly indie before veering off on a path of cheesy dancey delight - from the café to the clurrrrb, as it were. Join us next month as Taperecorder stops fucking around and finally releases The Devil is a Busy Man.
March 2011 :: Keep It Together by Cosmo Memory!
Keep It Together is the first EP by Cosmo Memory and the 50th release by Galactique Recordings!!! Cosmo Memory is Teenwolf (orignal and founding member of Ninjasonik) alongside Pierce Lightning (lead singer of Ghost Mall). They are an electro geek pop band from Brooklyn that craft catchy pop tunes about love and the end of the world.
Febuary 2011 :: Evergreen by Taperecorder!
The Evergreen [Full On] EP is the bridge between 'Just Ramble & Think Of Ghosts' and the soon to be released upcoming new taperecorder album! It contains Nevergreen, Evergreen, Evergreen [Beeker remix] and Denmark [by Jenn Mierau]. There is also a video for Nevergreen . Also! check out the third installment of the tumbleweed mix by taperecorder head honcho marc francis! click on the mixes page .
January 2011 :: The first release of 2011 is Mossyrock!
The winter will ask what we did in the summer is a compilation of some new songs that were to be on the next unrealized mossyrock record; some alternate versions and compilation releases; as well as a few remixes from various people.
Wednesday 1 December :: Galactique Compilation Volume Three !
Our last release of the year is the , a series of new and unreleased materiel from our team. This compilation features music from taperecorder, toboggan, beeker, ryan hemsworth, mike din, birds and more. That's 2010 for us. New things in the new year!.
Monday 1 November :: Taperecorder Single
The second release from 'Just Ramble & Think of Ghosts' is called . It is out now! Featuring an edited version of alight/alone; a brand new song called hobo, and a cover of alight/alone by James Apollo.
Friday 1 October :: Motrecraft Debut
Thanks to everyone who came out and made our Pop Montreal Galactique Recordings showcase! It was great to have (almost) everyone together! This month's release is from Motrecraft! We are so excited to have them on board, they are one of our favourite bands right now! This EP contains 5 sultry synthpop songs (and two remixes by Toof and Taperecorder).
Wednesday 1 September :: Beeker LP and Hemsworth Single
It's already time for our last releases of the summer, starting with the first full LP from forward-thinking Montreal producer Chuck Gorham, aka Beeker. Featuring collaborations with a bunch of solid MCs and seriously refreshing productions, is Beeker's most mature work yet. In addition, we've also got a new single from Halifax's Ryan Hemsworth, an aggressive yet poppy dancefloor rap gem, complete with a b-side remix and alternate version.
Also, its a few weeks away, but if you're going to be in Montreal at the end of the month, we (Galactique) are doing a label showcase at Pop Montreal on the opening night of the festival, September 29th, at O Patro Vys. Come!
 Sunday 1 August :: Cold Spring single & Hemsworth's debut EP
Heylo! We've got two new releases this month, one from Galactique founder Marc Francis aka and one from Ryan Hemsworth aka ! taperecorder's release is a single from his record Just Ramble and Think of Ghosts which features alternate versions of cold spring and dont forget to write (with vocals by the amazing Rae Spoon). Hemsworth's Galactique debut is an EP of female pop star covers, all treated with distorted vocals, crispy textures and extra sass. Come back on the 15th for a new dj mix!
Thursday 1 July :: Never Heard of Em single
Today we are thrilled to be putting out a new single from TOBOGGAN, a collaboration with three local MCs to his native Montreal. Shogun, Lotus and CeasRock are all deliver top notch verses and the single comes complete with remixes from several members of the Galactique family, namely Beeker, mike din, Birds & taperecorder.

Tuesday 1 June :: Mossyrock re-release
This month, we've decided to re-release Mossyrock's "The Zero to One Sessions" as a free download. This was orignally released on CD by Nice+Smooth in 2005 and was particularly instrumental in shaping the little label we have here today. Enjoy!

Saturday 1 May :: taperecorder's 'just ramble & think of ghosts'
Our first vinyl pressing in ages comes from Galactique founder and general sexual being Marc (Hug) Francis aka taperecorder, a 12" LP entitled "just ramble & think of ghosts". In addition to its release on 130-gram virgin vinyl, this album is also available as an mp3, wav or flac download on a pay-what-you-want basis, through . Mr. Francis is currently touring Europe, the date schedule for which can be seen on our page. You know the deal, dj mix on the 15th, original release on the 1st, so come on back!
Thursday 1 April :: Toof's Galactique debut!
Hey world! We've been waiting a while for this one. Some of you might know longtime friend Toof (aka Austin's Trey D'Amico) from his albums 'Busstop Style' and 'Jennifer Love Handles' or possibly from his contributions to both Galactique compilations, to 'Diamond Dick' or to the MUTEKNIGHT self-titled album. If so, great. If not, get titillated. We're truely thrilled to be releasing Toof's Galactique debut, the Balloon EP. Three toof future classics and a remix by taperecorder featuring vocals by bethany spiers of the Feverfew! Oh, and come back on the 15th for a toboggan dj mix!
Monday 1 March :: Toboggan Debut!
Heyyyyyyyy! We've got another new project in the Galactique family, Toboggan, from not-so-new team member Corey Martin (formerly unknown as VER6, [Blank] and part of muteknight). So, for our March release, he has shared a brand new EP and single with us, full of air-y, sample-heavy pop music. Cover photography by the wonderful Sasha Loncarevic again. We've got more music (much of it free) every first of the month so come on back, yo! (but come back every 15th too. just for fun.)

Monday 1 February :: Weapons Lab by Beeker
Our second release of 2010 is from a new member of the Galactique team. He's rapped and produced under the name Dynasty for a decade now and has reinvented his sound and production moniker with his new project, Beeker. Featuring guest vocals from some of the best local underground MCs (to his native Montreal), we're damn proud to present his Galactique debut, Weapons Lab. See you March 1st!
Friday 1 January :: Diamond Dick2010!
New site, new sounds. For our first release of the decade, we asked some talented musician friends to write a song titled 'Diamond Dick' for a collective album of the same name. All of the songs share that title but are performed by a different acts. Enough explanation, just check it out.
Look for the artist/tracklisting in the releases section along with a free download link. More in a couple of weeks.

Tuesday 15 December :: DJ Mix
We just put up a new DJ mixes from VER6! Check the releases page as always.
Things are still on track for 2010 so come on back!

Tuesday 1 December :: Galactique Recordings compilation volume 2
Hey lovelies. So, the year is coming to an end and, more importantly, the decade as well. Its crazy. Anyway, in the spirit of new beginnings, December's release is a another compilation of unreleased works by our various artists. A lot of forgotten stuff that we've wanted to put out for a long time, an early spring cleaning of sorts. Doesn't sound like that does it justice. I swear it's good. Check it out. Free download.
For 2010, we've got releases ready from brand new artists (really exciting stuff), a totally redesigned site and plenty of diamond dicks. No questions. Just come back in the new year.
Sunday 1 November :: GLITCHKRIEG compilation!!
So, new system. Every first of the month, we'll release an original album. Probably free. On the 15th, we'll occasionally put out a dj mix. Sound good? Awesome. This month, we're happy to bring you a compilation featuring new and unreleased music by random artists who played Glitchkrieg, the now-defunct monthly party in Montreal. It's fun. And free. You can find it in the releases section as usual. See ya in a month!

Saturday 17 September :: Loved and Lost 5 dj mix by [Blank]
Hey everybody, we're doing things a little differently this month. Today we're releasing [Blank]'s Loved and Lost 5 dj mix, you can find it in our releases section with complete tracklisting/details. On Halloween, we're releasing a free compilation featuring unreleased songs by acts who played the now dead Glitchkrieg monthly party in Montreal. On November 15th, we'll have something special and free. Come back!
Wednesday 16 September :: the three EPs by mossyrock!
It's here! A day late and a dollar short. The three EPs! due to some massive technical difficulties we did not get it up here quite on time. All hail the mighty mossyrock for their valiant effort! Recorded and mixed in bedrooms, living rooms, trains, planes, boats, a cabin, and even a texas rest stop. It's here and FREE! click on releases to find it

Tuesday 1 September :: marc hug b sides volume 3Sadly, it seems that summer is pretty much over and since we already have a fully original release ready for the 15th we've decided to release the 3rd installment in marc hug's b sides dj mix series as a mid-month surprise (well, beginning of the month, but you know what i mean). It is sort of a perfect end of summer journey. Fuck yes?
Come on back in two weeks for something new! And free!
Saturday 15 August :: VER6/Dipsomania EP
Hey yall. Things are shaping up well for our fall schedule, we have lots of new material on the way from all our family members. But before we get to that, our August release is the Dipsomania EP from VER6, featuring 7 brand new songs, a remix by our own taperecorder and cover photography by Sasha Loncarevic. It's a free download in the 'releases' section.
Also, if you haaaaaappen to be in the Montreal area, come on out to 3812 St-Laurent on Friday the 21st. We're throwing a release party for this EP as well as the debut RAAS EP, which we're really excited about. Sets by VER6, RAAS and special guest taperecorder. Like most things we do, its free. More soon!
Wednesday 15 July :: Birds/Heart-Shaped Sunglasses EP
This month, we're freakin delighted to be putting out the debut 5-track EP by Seattle's Demetri Carlson, AKA Birds. I wouldn't know how or where to begin to describe this record, but it's fun as hell. It's also a free download in glorious 320kbps mp3s so go click some links and get to know this truly refreshing release.
Oh, and last month, our duders taperecorder and VER6 had a renegade mobile soundsystem roaming the streets of Montreal and we posted a short to let you know why you shouldn't miss the next one.
Monday 15 June :: taperecorder/the lunchbox EP
Hey-lo! Summer has arrived (june 21st my balls) and so has taperecorder's lunchbox EP! It's a really fun 12-minute dose of brunch crunk. Compliments the other two 'box' EPs very well. Sincere. And it's free.
VER6 (who's writing this) and taperecorder just finished playing three shows in Montreal over the past weekend (one of which was authorized) and we'll have some pretty fun/funny/ridiculous videos up soon on vimeo or something. Check back soon for that. And check back next month for the debut EP freelease by Birds. It's been a long time coming and we're really excited about it.
Monday 1 June :: [Blank]/Loved and Lost 4 dj mix
We already have a fully original release ready for the 15th so we've decided to release the 4th installment in [Blank]'s Loved and Lost dj mix series as a mid-month surprise (well, beginning of the month, but you know what i mean). 49 straight minutes of sonic hugs. Recommended for sunday morning pillow talk. Fucking right.
Come on back in two weeks for something new!
Friday 15 May :: [Blank]/Gatineau
It's been a very busy and fun month for the Galactique family. We've been hard at work preparing summer releases, throwing parties and being shitheads. For our May release, we are very pleased to present 'Gatineau', the newest from Montreal's [Blank]! This 11-song, 19-minute EP is the companion piece to last year's 'Hochelaga' and is also a free download.
Keep checking back monthly, we have plenty of newness on the way from I Luv Luvbirds, VER6, Taperecorder, Birds and more!
Wednesday 15 April :: Galactique Recordings Compilation Volume I
This month, we've put together a compilation of unreleased songs and remixes from Mossyrock, Taperecorder, MUTEKNIGHT, Jay Eye, VER6 and Toof! Some of these songs have been waiting to be heard for quite some time now; we hope you enjoy them.
Also, 3 members of the Galactique family (Taperecorder, Toof & VER6) will be throwing a rowdy bash at 351 Kent ave in Brooklyn on Friday May the 8th (Under the Williamsburg bridge). You should come by. Free.
Sunday 15 March :: MOSSYROCK!!
Good day lovely people. The final EP in mossyrock's trilogy of e.p.'s is out now! Well, to be honest - very soon. It should be out on Tuesday the 17th of March. Due to the wonderful u.s. postal service losing said e.p. everything has become a bit of a last minute scramble. It will be available on most sites as of the 17th but may take a few days longer at itunes. Anyway, each song has a guest musician: 'it became a ship' features Jonathan Segel (of Camper Van Beethoven) and his lovely violin; 'sunny march' has Hop Along Queen Ansleis playing toy piano and whisting; 'girl' features Toof on bass guitar; 'when i said what i said' is a collaboration with Montreal's Muteknight; and there is a Taperecorder remix of 'rain dries & clouds form'. It really really is a grand and lovely e.p!
Sunday 15 February :: MIXES, MIXES, MIXES!!!!!
Hey people. How goes? Galactique is extremely pleased to present 3 brand new dj mixes to keep you warm during winter's home stretch. Two dancey ones from VER6 and the third installment in [Blank]'s Loved and Lost series.
Thursday 15 January :: VER6/Cake EP
We're excited to be kicking off '09 with a brand new EP from VER6! This 14-minute freEP is the first many exciting things we have planned this year, so stay tuned, every 15th of the month!

Monday 15 December :: intergalactic faerie funk
This months release is an extra special limited edition download by the intergalactic faerie funk! The Amish Funk EP was originally supposed to be released by robbaudio before his label went under and he ran off without paying anyone. we dug through the i.f.f. archives and found this absolute gem of an e.p. in which a crime was committed when this was not ever released. featuring remixes by taperecorder, someone else, and jeff samuel. go get it while you can. it will probabaly only be up until christmas...

Tuesday 18 November :: MUTEKNIGHT!!!!!!!
Please bear with me in the delay of this beautiful new album by montreals muteknight. i was supposed to have it up on the 15th but due to a terrible visit from the flu, i am just picking the pieces back up. i am still sick but grinning from this great new record! MUTEKNIGHT's self-titled album is the third release from montreal's corey martin and shawn joncas. dark and aggressive as often as it is light and playful, this freelease is full of nostalgic, granular soundscapes, 8-bit samples and a love of riddim.

Monday 15 October :: mossyrock on tour! dj mixes!october is here!.
A utumn is amazing. mossyrock are off to europe for a tour. in fact - their first show is tonight in london. the tour dates are:
10/15/07 - LONDON UK - the gardening club - covent gardens
10/16/08 - BATH UK - the porter - 16 george st
10/17/08 - YORK UK - basement city screen - 17 coney st
10/18/08 - EDINBURGH SCOTLAND - the forest cafe - 3 bristo place
10/19/08 - GLASGOW SCOTLAND - nice 'n' sleazy - 421 sauchiehall st
10/21/08 - VIENNA AT - arena - baumgasse 80
10/22/08 - PRAGUE CZ - chapeau rouge - jakubská 2
10/23/08 - KRAKOW PL - cafe szafe - felicjanek 10
10/24/08 - BERLIN DE - gallery party - **TAPERECORDER**
10/25/08 - BERLIN DE - the bang bang club - neue promenade 10
10/26/08 - BERLIN DE - golden gate - ausgang schicklerstrasse **TAPERECORDER**
10/27/08 - HAMBURG DE - the pony bar - allende platz 1
10/28/08 - DEN HAAG NL - de vinger - bagijnenstraat 25
this months (free) releases are corey martin's love & lost volume 2 dj mix and marc hug's b-sides (dj) mix #2. enjoy!

Friday 15 September :: cassette tapes by taperecorder!
september sees us with taperecorders 30 second remix thing. a bunch of shot 30 to 40 second songs remixed by such kick ass people like: tim 'love' lee, miskate, toof, [blank], intergalactic faerie funk, someone else, i luv luvbirds, hollis p. monroe, mossyrock, bix...

Friday 15 August :: mossyrock & the warmth of a whisper!
our august release is the new e.p. by mossyrock. it is called the warmth of a whisper and can be found at all digital download shops and the cd is available at the galactique shop.

Tuesday 15 July :: taperecorder/MUTEKNIGHT
alright!. so to make up for the missing may release we have two releases for july!
first up: muteknight collaborated with vince rossi of the famous blind dates who are the legendary backing band for gary wilson on the wonderfully amazing clockwork e.p.released everywhere you can download digital music in it's finiest form...
secondly: taperecorders sophomore effort "the boombox e.p." goes in a completely different direction yet still makes a connection with the mood and feeling of his first release. much slower this time around, taperecorder uses strange off kilter textured pads and tones over broken electro beats to create a unique sound that invite the listener to add their own ideas and moments to the songs. say whu? just go take a listen. it is some beautifully brilliant music...

Sunday 15 June :: VER6
ok. so there are only two of us running this little old mostly free label called galactique. last month one of us was on a european tour and the other was making holographic technology. (no, i am not kidding). so we missed getting the may release together and we feel bad about that. sorry folks!
anyway - VER6 has made an album callled 1985 out of songs that were in the top 10 that year. it is sooo fantastic and fun! we are more than happy and proud to present this great record. for free! click the free link above to get it...

Wednesday 09 April :: Mossyrock & IFF!
mossyrock is heading off for their first u.k. tour adventure. they have 7 shows lined up in scotland and england. as well as another show lined up in den haag in the netherlands.
meanwhile, this month's freelease is the green couch e.p. by the intergalactic faerie funk. this was originally released on 12" vinyl by robbaudio before he ran off without paying anyone...

Friday 14 March :: Taperecorder
this month we are proud to have the debut release by taperecorder! click around the linky things above to find more information about it.

Sunday 13 January :: Our first release of 2008
the first release of 2008 is here. it is another 'freelease' (i just heard that term and kinda like it) featuring 13 songs adding up to a wonderful e.p. by muteknight. click the free link above for more information. happy new year!

Thursday 13 December ::Juniper Flats
the juniper flats e.p. by the intergalactic fareie funk. an old recording session (that was recently found) consisting of three recordings from the old juniper flats house in the high plains desert of southern california.
both releases can be found in the free section...
we are planning on some releases in 2008 by taperecorder, the cassette tapes 30 second project, kneptune, muteknight, and more to be announced...

Thursday 18 October :: Free page is up & running!
our free page is up and running. well, it has been for a while. now it has a bunch of great music. we have the live & indirekt album by i.f.f; cut rock album by ver6; and the 11 minute in-the-lab clip by i.f.f..
we are planning on adding much more music by muteknight; cassette; and kNeptune.

Thursday 16 August :: Big fix in store for this site
after what has been quite the summer, we are beginning to fix up this pathetic site. it will look something like this except hopefully a little better. we are planning on opening up an online record store type of place with music and shirts and buttons. we are going to invite all of our friends to sell their stuff on it also...
so keep your eyes peeled!

Thursday 07 June :: Mossyrock on tour
mossyrock will be playing 16 shows in 16 days before heading back to the soundwave festival on vancouver island. they are touring in support of the i know i'm not wrong e.p. that was released back in may.

Tuesday 20 March :: [blank] & abulafia
we have released the first two releases of our 007 series. first off we are honoured to have montreals' very own [blank] with his doors to sleep lp kick off the 007 series. we have followed that release with chicagos' abulafia and his album plin. both are available now from all good digital download sites. we are working on a limited edition short run physical release. check back for more info on that...

Thursday 07 February :: Send us your music! we are currently getting together music for the 007 series as well as 2008 and beyond. interested in having us check out your music? send us a link to it! or send us an email to arrange something. teamgalactique ::AT:: gmail :: DOT :: C0M